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Granny Hanky Headbands

 are put together by Heather Dickson, with beadwork made by indigenous women from all over the north, including Heather`s beadwork. Each headband is handmade with lots of care and attention to detail, no two headbands are the same. Handmade guarantees that each and every headband is unique and one of a kind! 


Dickson Designs

is very proud of our label and the story behind it, lots of hard work being that label! This only goes on to a headband after it has been made with lots of love and care and to the same high standards we set for our beadwork! Our artists stand behind this label by putting their name and their nation that they are representing on the artist cards that are included with every headband. If it doesn't have this tag its not an authentic Dickson Designed Original Granny Hanky Headband!



Leather Backs - This versatile headless headband offers the same comfort feature as the beaded headbands in a simpler version. These headbands are the perfect "hair holders" when picking berries, hiking, making dry meat or for general casual wear. I use a variety of hide, some that beautiful golden commercially tanned color, like the one in the picture and home tanned hide resembling that comforting smokey smell of home, all locally sourced. 


Beaded Headbands- Our most popular headband, not only is this style the most popular its also the most versatile. Ive seen women wear this style from the finishing touch on their regalia while they do their traditional dances, graduations, weddings and hunting! The only limit to their creativity is the person wearing it! 


24kt Gold Beaded Headbands- The first of my Specialty line, these beautiful styled headbands compliment any outfit. These headbands can be used as an accent piece for an evening out on the town or the glittering gold might distract the person across from you when your stick gambling!


Porcupine Quills&24kt Gold beaded Headbands- The WOW factor, these headbands demand attention with the perfect balance between modern and traditional bling! The delicate porcupine quills combined with the glitter of gold provides a stunning combination of luxurious materials. The Caribou track inlayed with the quills are inspired by the Porcupine Caribou heard, the heard that Dickson grew up harvesting with her family, an animal she has great respect for. The Yukon`s newest gold rush. 


Mother&Daughter Headbands- This beautifully beaded set comes with the cutest "mini-me", daughters can look pretty just like mom. Perfect for your family photos or just showing off your cub at the next community gathering! 


Heather Dickson Exclusive- Hand beaded designs and sewen exclusively by headband creator Heather Dickson. A beautiful blend of modern schooling, a diploma in Fashion Design and traditional training from teachers all over the north combined for the unique style that everyone fell in love with in the beginning.

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