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A company built on inspired Natives and not Native inspired...
  Cultural revitalization, the back bone of Dickson Designs and the drive to support and inspire Northern Indigenous women by featuring their beautiful and unique beadwork on our headbands. The artist cards that come with our headbands is what identifies the beadwork, sharing the artists name, hometown and first nation. If you were curious and wanted to learn more about the artist`s work that your rocking I have  asked artists who are comfortable with sharing more and will feature bios and pictures of them and their work. An exciting opportunity to learn more about the story and history behind your one a kind piece of wearable art! People often ask how long it takes to bead piece and the answer I always give is generations, this is an art that is passed down from our grandmothers that took years and years to prefect and different techniques and stories added to our designs over time. Your wearing a piece of our Northern history and we believe its important to learn more about us and what makes all of our artists beadwork unique.
  Dickson Designs does business both the modern way by contracting women for beadwork and the traditional way by trades like our ancestors used to do! This is why not all our artists are featured in the bio pages and are labeled "guest artist" on the online store. Through this unique business practice I feel that I have made amazing friendships all over the north and keep in contact with all my beaders, for updates, swap sewing techniques, designs advice and business advice (as some of my artists are pursuing their own businesses)
The BIGGEST Mussi (thanks) to all the ladies that stand beside me and Dickson Designs,
Heather Dickson 
We also really love to see your headband selfies and share them on social media! Its amazing watching where our Northern Beadwork ends up! We encourage you to send or tag us in pictures!